As of September, 2018, development of RotateMailer has been discontinued, and it's been removed from the AppStore. There isn't much need for RotateMailer anymore, since most mail platforms and modern WordPress versions no longer have problems displaying photos with the correct orientation.

Why your iPhone pictures are sideways (and how to fix them)

You’re sitting there on the couch when your iPhone vibrates in your pocket. You bring up the mail and see your mom has replied to a picture you sent her earlier. “Emma’s picture is sideways, how can I turn it the right way?” You dread the phone call where you try to explain about saving the picture and viewing it locally.

(If you want to skip the details and just get the app to fix sideways pictures in your email or WordPress, click here).

Or maybe you are the mom? Your son emails you the latest pictures of Emma, but when you look at them in email, they’re sideways. You really want to see them the right way, but you hate to bother your son with computer questions all the time. What if he knew a few tricks so the pictures he sent showed up the right way in your inbox?

Sending iPhone pictures that show up the right way

You’ve been emailing pictures for years and never had such a problem before. It’s not your fault. The iPhone has a problem (iPod and iPad too!), and it appears Apple isn’t interested in fixing it. What are you supposed to do? Turn your head sideways?

What if you could send iPhone pictures with the confidence that they will show up correctly 100% of the time?

There’s a couple ways to ensure your pictures arrive right-side-up:

Watch this video to see Rotate Mailer in action.

Automatic emailing that just works

Rotate Mailer let’s you select up to 4 pictures from your phone, and email them. It takes care of ensuring the recipient gets the pictures the right way, regardless of the program they use to view them.

Replace your camera app

You could use an alternative camera app, like Camera+, instead of the iPhone’s built-in one. These apps tend to fix the pictures for you regardless of how you hold the phone. You'll just need to remember to use the alternate app when taking pictures.

Are you holding it wrong?

If you’re willing to hold your phone a certain way when you take pictures, then they will show up correctly. See the picture below. The phone’s round ‘home’ button is on the right side. This is the only way the iPhone knows how to take pictures without the rotation problem.

(If the home button is on the left, the picture will be upside down. This is a common trap when people press one of the volume buttons to take the picture.)

Now, look at the picture below. This is a very natural way that many people hold the phone when taking a picture, right?

Unfortunately, if you hold it this way, the receiver of the picture will get it sideways. There’s that neck crooking again!

But, what if you really want the picture to be portrait instead of landscape? Then, you’ll need to use an alternate camera app or grab Rotate Mailer from the app store, so you can email those tall portrait shots the right way.

You’ve received a sideways picture, let’s fix it

So, you’re receiving sideways photos from family and friends? The first thing to do is share this article with them so they are aware of the issue. Just copy this link right here: and email it to them.

Typically, if you save the picture from the email to your computer, the computer will show it correctly (Macs and Windows 8). If you are using Windows 7 or XP, then you can click the appropriate ‘rotate’ button in the Windows Photo Viewer to manually rotate the picture.

p.s. Hi, I'm Ryan, the developer of Rotate Mailer. I hope you’ll give it a try and let me know what you think.

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